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Whatever they tell you, it's a lie. Bank on it. Except there are no more banks. No coin of the realm. No dollars. No pesos. No rupiah.  No Euros. No Yen. No rubles. Nada. Nein. Nyet. Zippo. Zilch. Nothing! Do I sound pissed? You better believe I'm pissed! Yanked out of Paradise with only my board shorts on - if I didn't have my knapsack I would have probably died. No more sleeping in the bed at my mom's home on the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean waves coming in at Windansea. No more mother's cooking cuz she got cooked. Never freaking again! Damn right I'm pissed and all those fat oafs that got us into this state can go to Hades in a hand basket and soak up the scorch for eternity.
You wanna know what pisses me off? Don't play stupid! You know it. You live it. You survived it. Up to now, you survived it. You come back and talk to me tomorrow and then we got something going. Until then, shut up and listen and I will tell you my story. It's your story too but you're still dumbstruck and can't mouth the words. Some of you can't even think the thoughts and when a glimpse of "history" shudders through your shattered brain, you jerk your head out of the way like a beaten dog from its so-called "Masta Sir."
Let me pause for a few seconds. Just the facts. Pull the emotion in. Keep you under control. Save your energy for the fight. Which one, you ask? Most of them don't have names anymore. They run into one another too quickly.
No person, no government, no entity knows how the end began. Rumors of war had circulated for years as demonstrations and fire fights and civil wars would break out at various locations throughout the world before they were briefly quelled, only to have the winds carry the turbulence to some other part of the globe. Throughout the world minimum wage workers were revolting against the greed of their billionaire employers. The former paid taxes so that they could benefit from government medical care and food stamps. The latter railed against the government programs and bribed the officials, so they paid no taxes as they acquired more things. Ubiquitous as bird flu, the battles became frequent in occurrence and engorged with participants. On the side the vultures waited patiently. Watching their meals, waiting their time. 
Facts, alternative facts, network news, Internet fake news, outright lies and fabrications wove different stories. Enough truth in each story to make it impossible to sift out the mendacity and follow the credible narrative.  My father, I know he is dead because he visits me in my dreams, said that when the Politicians and Bureaucrats of the United States are such practiced, compulsive liars, who can ever know the truth?
Some said the initial missiles came from the Middle East: Pakistan or Israel or Persia. Another theory, far-fetched, was that it was launched from a dormant volcano in the Philippines. Other sleuths said it was launched from the Sea of Japan, where the Koreas, China, Russia and Japan intersect. One of those theories postulates the Chinese wanted the Americans to destroy North Korea so they launched a missile from one of their submarines located near Kilju. It was directed toward Hawaii and although the American defense system destroyed it in the atmosphere, the American President, incensed by the assumed audacity of the North Korean dictator, ordered a complete annihilation of that country. Another theory was that a Russian submarine fired the missile and for the same reason. No one with logic could ever explain why these countries would want their North Korean neighbor vaporized, but logic had long since deserted the world leaders.     
I mean world Idiots. Still others suggested that some drunken leader with his hands on the button fired the first missile just to see if he could do it, to see if anyone would stop him. Like an ambitious child testing his boundaries, testing his parents, his guardians, he swayed his mannish hips toward the button full of bravado and bluster. No one stopped him.
Needless to say, during its demise, North Korea reined destruction upon its southern brother and Japan and all degrees along the compass. This set off White Russia against Red China and the chaos flowed like a tsunami wave over the countries adjacent to them.
Simultaneous with this, or maybe shortly before or after, as often times inventors in diverse locations of the world are working on the same creative discovery, missiles escaped in the Mideast, in Europe, the Pacific and Africa. The dogs of war had been unleashed and why Australia was not spared and how the large cities of Central and South America came under attack, no one ever explained, and it was never disclosed before world communications ceased. Numerous commercial aircraft were commandeered and flown full of destruction into the major cities on the planet. It was reported that hackers took control of military aircraft from various countries and directed them to destroy their own cities and military installations and infrastructure.
Deprivation was taking place throughout the world. Government armies would mutiny and change allegiances at the offer of supplies and shelter, for money and even gold was becoming worthless as people realized that only tangible property had any value in the new system of barter. Spontaneous armies would sprout from nothing, from maybe a cell phone flash mob, and then everything within their circumference would be stolen destroyed and ravished. They would stoke themselves with words and deeds and victims and eventually they even fed upon themselves. 
Of course the fringe of the religious and ethnic groups populating the world were slandered in the mainstream and smaller stream media as being bent toward destruction of the planet. The reasoning went that they all had their own Eden to aspire to and they wanted to rid the earth of the devils. It was said that they considered themselves as the Righteous and they wanted the Day of Judgment to come sooner, while they were still alive, rather than later, when they were dead. I cannot vouch for their logic, for the kernel of it has never been explained to me but I know this earth does not bound the beliefs of religions.
I just report what was done, what was said.  Of course there were the suicide bombers; people that would blow themselves up in a crowd of infidels, believing they would go to their Promised Land and the devils would go to Hell. One of the more bizarre attributions was to a frenzied neo-Nazi Presbyterian group located in the Scottish Highlands.  But as a CNN Anchor stated, before they went off the air and Internet:
"They may have torched a pub in Thurso, but I doubt any of them could find their way out of the British Isles sans guide."
Before their slow disappearance, the Internet and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and the satellite communicators bandied these and multitudinous thoughts across the globe as to how it began and how it was going to end.
Most of the atomic bombs, the hydrogen bombs and the nuclear bombs were ripped asunder by intercepting missiles, exploding in the atmosphere, their warheads cascading to the earth with minimal immediate damage. The fallout, the radiation, took several months to affect more misery on the populous. It was the biological creations, sent over by aircraft or transported across land, or released from drones that had lifted off submarines cruising off the coasts, that inflicted the greater part of the destruction of the species. The biological deaths were quick and painful, seemingly born of the same test tube. Death impended a fortnight after the virus took hold of the person. At first they would become fatigued for several days until they could no longer lift their limbs. Their skin would become pallid as the virus was crowding out their bone marrow and it could not produce sufficient red blood cells and hemoglobin. Their immune systems became overwhelmed and finally too weak to fight. Pustules would sprout on their legs and arms. Their white cell count would diminish and they would start coughing at the onset of pneumonia. As their platelet count went down into the low 20s they would bleed and bruise to the touch. Unable to even hold their head up, they would collapse to the ground and soon die. The disease was named Rampant by one of the major medical centers in New York City and had no cure. Everyone in that medical center died within two weeks of the first patient.
Internet videos showed the City overrun with rioting and looting people and then about a month later the videos ceased. On the Internet there was now only a still photograph of the Statute of Liberty.
We had discussed the inevitable for several weeks as the dominoes slowly fell across the continent. It was only a question of 'when' and of which manner of death each of us would experience. More people embraced some sort of religion. Many fled south to Mexico with the hope of delaying their exposure. Some killed themselves with pills or drug overdoses or the usual weapon. Sensualists smoked and drank and fornicated wildly to the ridicule of the religious. Our civic and military leaders in San Diego told us we had about year before the descension and that our military personnel would protect us as best they could.
Then Boston and quickly Chicago turned into swarms of people and cars and chaos as the inhabitants tried to flee . . . to where? Myriad pictures of their deaths grappling with one another sprang up on the Internet. Then the cities disappeared. Satellite images showed rubble all about with no signs of life. D.C. was next and when the smoke blew off the city to reveal Nothing, we assumed any survivor there was living underground in the shelters built during the Cold War. Parts of LA fired up in the autumn heat as the third world communities overran Beverly Hills and other decadent enclaves. Reports said the raggedy armies were heading north toward Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  They apparently wanted to pitch a last battle against the one per centers before the viruses or bombs obliterated all of the combatants.
We were now Dresden. We were now Baghdad. We were now Aleppo. The progeny of the dead of the first two metropolitan bombings now lived in our country, the survivors of the third city had been knocking at our consulates, or arrived here in shipping containers at the ports of New York and Los Angeles. The American Experience of subjugating the aboriginals we condescendingly called Indians, of enslaving people to satiate the pockets and penises of the southern planters, of bringing in cheap foreign workers to bolster the corporate bottom line that filled the pockets of the decadent wall street barons, had come full circle and the new technologies allowed a small cabal to promote chaos on the Earth. The masses of the earth had begun their revolt and it was now time to pay for the sins of our fathers.

Copyright 2018 James C. Weaver